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To the shore

The trees are thick and knobby this side of the forested thicket, sway to the side in terrific sighs, and lurch back after a gust of wind. Birds gather in upper branches to chatter and plot, as the sun filters through greenery. The forest floor remains thick with pine needles, slippery; seemingly undisturbed old withering tree trunks – hollowed out – hum with small furry rumblings and insect buzzings. The air wafts thick with leaves and haze, with webs falling down and delicately constructed, and nests tightly woven, brown dots in upper tree realms. The sky shines a cerulean and clear this afternoon with shadows stretching longer inside shaded forests.          Emerging to the shoreline offers a fresh breath, a sandy repose, the soothing lulls of waves delivering crashes to the sea grass with timed precision. Water recedes, pulled back toward the center, toward boats coursing and jet skis racing across the horizon. As the sun grazes onward to the western hills, a noisy gatherin…

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