Listening for God's voice

Philippians 3:14, "I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus."

Releasing all the anxiety and fear surrounding a calling, silencing doubts and boldly pursuing the dreams God has firmly fixed upon the mind; expressing self in an effort to bless others with a gifting aiming to live within that 5% margin of specified gifts, of particular purpose and not becoming mired down in details or eloquence. Not hesitating or procrastinating out of some bizarre control ideology and not apologizing for the vision or message God has offered: to reach the lost, to serve others, to step forward humbly and willingly seek to be a light, a fragrant and gracious beacon of God's love and hope. Most sincerely, the call of God will rise above the cluttered background noise and either hypnotize or paralyze or motivate us toward action. One can very easily glide through a comfortable existence, a life of easy expectations and a limited view of miracles.

What matters most when we are not so bold to ask the Lord? Are those prayers so puny that human effort could accomplish? God just whispered in someone's ear and we were given a van, from a wonderful couple in our church. A truly simple task for God, but a fleece and gigantic reminder of His love for us. He has not abandoned us to journey alone! What insurmountable odds are looming ahead? God works delicately, and at times exclaims to us, takes the impossible and flips the perspective.

Do we live for some jovial moments in between work and chores and sleep? Or can our lives become so closely intertwined with Christ that upon waking up, our prayer is for God to love us deeply and let His love radiate to others? Can we spend our days seeking His heart? I can set a standard to discipline my mind to think of Him as much as I can throughout my day. Certainly, actions, and attitudes would be affected and my countenance could be more loving, gracious, joyful, and my priorities would be in line with His, with Truth. To live in a constant state of awareness of His grace, affection for me, of His desire for me to trust, to submit my whole life to His will.

Perhaps even if there was minimal support of one's calling, God could fill the soul so completely that one could huddle bravely agains the masses and press forward, so certain of His voice. To have such disciplined ears, attuned to His whispers, is indeed a marvelous goal. Time spent in prayer, listening instead of doing, and developing a clear vision of God's love and grace can shape those ministry dreams and mature my outlook. Much of my distraction, many obstacles, are from not remaining focused on Who leads me, even while not knowing where. He is kind and will remain along the way. He has us all, I am reminded. Ahh, such peace!


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