On Being Pursued

Chirping young birds emerge from bushes like cautious, playful children seeking delight. These red-winged black birds swirl and flutter around the playground equipment at our local park, appealing to my daughter as some springtime butterfly, drawing the attention of my two squealing girls. My daughters are amazed at these tiny creatures. B chases one little bird in a dance of sillyness, proclaiming, “Slow down, birdie! I’m going to pet you!” and she darts around in the verdant grass, flying into the wind beside the bird, never quite catching the energetic bird. But not seeming to mind, B, contains such renewed enthusiasm in chasing.
She is usually the sister who gets pursued – whether by our own inquiries of an emotion behind her ever-present smile; or every morning when H climbs into B’s bed, to snuggle and sweetly wake together; or when J is seeking a sister to dance around the home. B can seem all giggles and sweetness, yet I hope as her determined personality continues to develop, she can allow herself to continue to sparkle; to utilize her God-given kindness and compassion to bless others.


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