Changing My Heart

God is more interested in changing my heart than in changing my circumstances. Daily, I check my attitude and motives and realize that God always takes care of us, provides what we need for each moment, and has promised to walk alongside us as we face every burden in life. Faith in God is not exclusive to things like sorrowful experiences, or trusting Him to provide for our practical needs. Yet faith in Him means entirely surrendering our whole selves to Him, no matter what He gives or withholds, what God allows, or in moments He is silent. We continue to remember that He is in control of everything, and His grace and love remain. CJM

“Waiting is totally submitting to God and inviting God to move into our hearts with complete freedom. When we wait, we yield up our expectations of what God should do, our precious hoards of ritual and doctrine, our social awareness, and our self-concepts.” ~Howard Macy


  1. I'm so proud of you for starting this! Thanks for letting us into your heart and sharing your insights. This is fantastic!



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